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Home Remodeling ServicesHas your family expanded beyond the confines of your home?  Or do you wish you had a more opulent lifestyle?  HB can transform your “old” home into a “brand new home” without having to change your address!  Over time, families grow and needs change….and one way to make space is to add on to your existing home.

By combining quality design and our construction services, we are able to see your project through from start to finish, keeping the total ”look”, engineering and your budget in mind.

We’ll work with you by helping you to think ahead and determine your future needs in terms of both design and function.  Plus, we’ll help you make that all-important permit process go as smoothly as possibly.  And of course, we’ll let you know how the job will impact your daily life, allowing you to plan accordingly.

Whether you’re adding a master bedroom or adding on a new family room, let HB increase the value of your home and customize your living space.

What We Do:

Consultive Design and Build Process –
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This is a design stage where we listen to you,
taking lifestyle budgets and resale into consideration. We will take your design ideas and develop them into architectural designs and 3D virtual tours. Once the designs have been developed and approved, we could determine preliminary costing and product selection. After the preliminary design phase, a contract is written and the project goes into production.

Renovating and Remodeling – Residential remodeling projects are an art form in itself. Not only do you have the normal construction project to physically produce, but you have to take into consideration the homeowner is living in the space as well. Home Builders will implement a checklist to help guide the clients through the remodeling process. Our clients personal concerns about their homes, yards, neighbors etc. are given top priority before and during all phases of construction.

Custom Home Building – From lot location to utility access, soil condition, home design, permitting process and local government regulations are just a few of the steps involved when building a new custom home. Our team of professionals has the experience and the resources to guide our clients through the custom home process.

Additions – From a master bedroom expansion to a garage or an Arizona room, we will guide you the process from design to budgeting.

Home Inspections – Purchasing a new home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, therefore, having the home inspected prior to purchase is of the utmost importance.

Annual Inspections – Once you have purchased your new home, an annual inspection is recommended in maintaining your home. An annual home inspection identifies potential problem areas and offers immediate solution to prevent further damage.

Home Service and Maintenance – Maintaining your home is the key to its value and longevity. From a plumbing leak to painting and weatherization, our maintenance team will keep your home in tip top shape. Call us today about putting together a home maintenance for your home.