Home Builders LLC - Design, Build, Remodel


  1. Home Remodeling ProcessInitial Consultation – Meeting at jobsite to discuss the project design, concerns and budgeting
  2. Preliminary Designs – Measure and photograph existing house.  Preliminary check of the existing mechanical/structural systems.  Draw existing house plans.  Check zoning restrictions.  Explore various design options.  Develop preliminary design concepts.  Comprehensive project budget (20% spread)
  3. Construction Documents -  Refine design.  Review design/site with mechanical and structural experts at a walk-through of project with project manager.  Assist in selections/specifications.  Progress meetings with client as required.  Develop detailed construction plans/elevations.  Prepare comprehensive construction contract with menu of options.
  4. Signing the Contract – Final plans, specifications and contract are reviewed and signed.  Deposit due  at contract signing.  Client receives final plans and specifications.
  5. Pre-start conference at job-site.  Project Manager and clients to meet to “walk through your project prior to production”.  All “Housekeeping” questions addressed.

What you can expect from HB:

Home Remodeling ProcessWe will not make a lot of noise that might disturb your neighbors.  We won’t start unloading equipment and dropping it in the street.  We won’t shout at each other and we won’t play loud music on the truck’s radio.

We won’t park in your driveway without your permission.  We recognize that your driveway is your personal space.

We’ll go above and beyond to keep your house neat and clean when we leave.  We’ll cover any areas with drop cloths to prevent any dirt, etc. from getting on your floors.  If we have to carry out old equipment, we’ll wrap it in plastic first to make sure no debris ends up on your floors.  We will wear protective shoes to protect your floor when needed.

We carry complete liability and comprehensive insurance coverage.  If one of our employees is injured while on your property it will not affect your homeowner’s insurance policy.  And should we accidentally damage your property (it hasn’t happened yet!) we want you to know that our insurance will cover damages up to two million dollars

We have an alcohol-free policy in our company.  None of our people will be drinking beer or any other alcoholic beverage during the day whether they’re in your home or away on a lunch break.

We won’t use your bathroom without your permission.  This, too, we recognized as your personal space.

We will not use foul language in your home.  Even if we drop something heavy on our toes!  We make it our policy to treat your family members with the same respect we would expect others to show our own.

If you have a family pet, we promise to be very careful when we go back and forth to our truck 

Clean up thoroughly and to your satisfaction.  Go over the job with you and make sure you’re happy with our work.  Take all our trash with us.